How to finish drywall- Video blog.

I would like to take the time to show some techniques on how we finish drywall. This is a small drywall finishing job that we completed in Pittsburgh PA. Whether you are a professional or doing some DIY projects, I think everyone can agree that nobody likes to sand the mud. Here we give a couple tips and pointers to help minimize the need to excessively sand. In this video we show two different tools and techniques on how to easily finish your drywall by applying mud evenly and having smooth flat seams. If you would like A.R.T. Painting and Remodeling give a free estimate and complete your next drywall finishing project or any remodeling project, please call us or visit

Fire Restoration In Verona Pa-Video Blog

A fire or disaster can ruin your life, but ART Industries can ease your worries and get your life back to normal. We make the construction process go smooth from start to end. We help with everything from design to moving your furniture back into the property.